"Gorecki" by Lamb, 1997

Friday, February 28, 2014

(Boy was I off on the year with this one. I didn't hear this song until about 2001.)

As I work my way down this list, I've been pretty confident with my choices. A few absences, and a few cuts I might replace with a different cut by the same artist, have been apparent, but not glaring and I'm not even 100 percent confident that I'd make any change. With this track, though, I'm a little hesitant to include.

Until I opened my iTunes and put it on. And from the very first trip-hop strain, it's pretty perfect and impossible to turn off. It's all atmosphere and beats and sultry breathy vocals and symphonic (Henryk Górecki's Third, to be specific) samples, more and more intense as it climbs through its almost three and a half minutes. I only wish it didn't fade out at the end. It ought to have a proper finish.