"There's a New Girl in Town" by Linda Lavin, 1976

Friday, August 30, 2013

I don't even know what to say about this song, the third* song--alphabetically--on my Top-100 Songs list, the theme to the CBS sitcom that ran from 1976 till 1985, Alice.

My mom watched it for a few of those year. I remember that. I watched it with her a handful of times. We all remember "Kiss my grits!", right?

But I sure didn't remember (or particularly care about) the theme song. Then the internet and an explosion of mp3s turned up. I think it was in around the year 2002 that I downloaded from some website of probably ill repute a huge collection of TV theme songs. A few stood up for nostalgic reasons--like Silver Spoons, the theme of which should probably be on this list too but as of right now isn't; Alf, a show so miserably bad that I can hardly believe I watched every episode; Family Ties and Growing Pains, both with theme songs that have truly stood the test of time but still sound remarkably of their time, if that's possible--but Alice's theme stood out by sounding nothing at all like a TV theme, at least to my ears.

Linda Lavin, the show's star, sings the theme, which is an uptempo bluesy thing with a country tinge and lyrics aiming right at the heart of 1970s feminism. (The sitcom was based on the film Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, which I've never seen but I suppose I should one of these days.)

*In my iTunes, this song is listed as "Alice," rather than as "There's a New Girl in Town." That's why it's third on the list. Forgive me!