Foods that ooze

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Valentine's Day turned out great, even though exactly nothing went as we thought it would. For example, earlier in the week, during our excellent heatwave, we'd discussed walking over to the local library so Sam could enjoy story time. However, since the heatwave was over, we decided instead to head out for the great Minnesota pastime of winter: Mall-Walking!! We went to MOA, spent an epoch looking for parking, and then spent maybe a nanosecond in the mall itself, which was insanely crowded and we wanted to die. So we left. Leaving the parking lot took about as long as parking had.

So now what? It was already late afternoon, and we still hadn't had lunch, so we figured a late lunch was in order. But don't you have to start calling it "dinner" if it happens after 5? Well, we went to Groveland Tap, right here in Saint Paul, which we love, and I had my first-ever Jucy Lucy, so that nice. Very nice. It was a fine burger, the finest I've had at the Groveland Tap, actually. And the idea I've heard (probably at A Hamburger Today, but I don't feel like finding it) that a JL has to be overcooked otherwise the cheese won't become molten is utter nonsense. This burger was perfect: pink in the center around the oozing amazingness of melted American cheese.

But I digress. This late lunch/early supper blew our Chinese takeout plans out of the water, so we went without any dinner, per se, and went straight to dessert! I whipped up some molten chocolate cake. The cake oozes with rich deliciousness when you poke it, just like my burger did at dinner! For your viewing pleasure, before and after pictures are included in this entry.

So that was V Day! It was fantastic.

Today, my main complaint is that after two hours of writing nonstop at the DBC, I have exactly nothing worth saving, except as a character study in big sister. So, not entirely unvaluable, but certainly not satisfying. I'll do more in the morning, hopefully something worth keeping, if I find the motivation.