I'll Squeeze the words out!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I've started this last scene of YA MS the First about seven times now, I think. I've tried starting at the beginning of the scene, the middle, a random line here and there--I've even tried starting with the last line of the book and working sort of backwards. Nothing is helping.

I probably should put some music on. Argybargy, I'm thinking. "Vicky Verky" has been in my head for days on end anyway. "And though she's only fourteen, she really knows her courting."

Tomorrow will be a big one. I'll finish this scene, for sure, during the five hours of free-write time I should have in the afternoon. Which reminds me, prof has moved my Wednesday night class again, this time to the Ford plant. What?! Something feels fishy about that. But the good news is I can work at White Rock, on Cleveland, possibly eat at Highland Grill or Cecil's or Punch for dinner, and have a much shorter trip home.