Sam is okay

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Today was Sam's first unscheduled "Holy crap, is he okay?!" appointment with the pediatrician!

Turns out, yes, he is okay! The problem, such as it is, is that his breath smells very slightly (to me) of vinegar, particularly right after he wakes up. The smell is stronger to Beth, but of course my sense of smell (not to mention hearing) is pretty weak.

ANYway. Long story short, brought Sam in, he got his ears and throat and schnoz checked, and some blood drawn from his middle finger (he's much better at that than I am; I nearly passed out watching him have his blood drawn, while he didn't even flinch), and is in perfect health. The good part is I got a sneak-peek at his current weight, since he's due for his well visit in a week, and Sam has broken the fifteen pound barrier! That means, among very little else, that it is time to lower the mattress in his portable crib, from bassinet level to pack-and-play level.


In other news, I may be too late to change my current class's grading method to pass/fail from letter grade. This is a shame, and I am hoping to convince the registrar's office to make an exception. Why is there a deadline on something like that anyway, really?

No other news, really. The Richard Peck DVD I raved about last week is for sale at SCBWI's website, which is still heinous in most respects. And I have not gotten any responses to my plea for a crit group in the Twin Cities specializing in YA and middle grade. Perhaps I'll post a similar plea on craigslist. Hm.

And holy crap, if I haven't mentioned this already, it's been in or near the 40s here in Saint Paul for the last, I don't know, several days. It even rained! Most of the snow is GONE. I do realize, yes, that this merely a reprieve, but it's SUCH a welcome reprieve, I can hardly express my joy to you.

Aunt Ellen will be here to babysit in a couple of hours, then I'm off to downtown. Ooh, just remembered: the prof had our class moved. I have no idea where it is now! Better find out. . . .