Just another Friday

Friday, January 9, 2009

Nine days into the year, and I am so far right on track for the minimum five posts per week. I think I've posted every day so far, as a matter of fact. Not too shabby.

Today might have been the most productive day of the week, quite accidentally. I say it might have been, and would have been, if I had thought to bring along my laptop when I took in Beth's car for an oil change and to have the alignment checked. However, I did not think to, so I was stuck at the Harmar BN for a couple of hours. I mainly browsed the children's section, of course, but with all those YA novels in my face (many of which I worked on back at S&S, btw), it made me feel like I could spending my time much more effectively.

Well, eventually I got back home and got right to work, but I only had about 20 minutes to spare at that point. The good news I did manage to finish one Lily scene and sketch out the rest of her story completely. That means the next time I get a good two- or three-hour chunk, I could vey well finish her off. Her story, that is. Not her. She isn't real. Also I would never kill anyone. It's not in me. Well, I guess I would kill off a character, sure. I have, actually.

In other news, this weekend looks to be sort of on the busy side, with a wedding to attend for most of the day tomorrow and chores to do around the house. But we'll see if I can't finagle some writing time in there someplace.