Lazy. Ooh, mail's here.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday, just after noon. You'll never guess what: Beth, Sam, and Harry are sleeping.

It's not like they're still sleeping, but still. You gotta wonder.

In Beth's defense, she was up until two last night--watching the latest Lost. I didn't watch. Completely over it, along with the rest of TV, with the exception of The Daily Show and the MST3Ks and Buffys I have on DVD. Natch.

Finished Coraline last night while Beth watched the first hour of Lost. Then, like a normal person, I went off to bed. Anyway, it was good. The first 25% or so was, I felt, on the weak side, chock full of various middle grade cliches which can be for the most part traced back to CS Lewis. However, it occurred to me as I read that in many ways this book is--more so for sure than the Golden Compass--a direct response to the Narnian chronicles. Also it was pretty scary, a quick-as-hell read, and seriously Mr. Gaiman is blowing up on Twitter today; it's kind of ridiculous. Also I'm excited about the movie, if I didn't already mention that. Here's a trailer I like very much. Here's another via the man's blog.

Well, I think that's five posts for the week. I'm going to have a cup of tea.