The ongoing saga of Lily's tale

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I've got my work cut out for me for tomorrow's big Workfest downtown. First, a short proposal to write up for SAB, which shouldn't take too long. But more pressing (in my mind) is Lily's story, which has possibly, as usual, gotten out of hand. I have brought up more than I intended to, and very likely, can adequately deal with. But we'll see. The "loose ends" text that I usually allow to pile up at the bottom of a document is dauntingly long.


I hope this will have been worth it. So far, I do like the revised YA MS One better than the novella it used to be. Lily's story is really a lot of fun, and, since I normally get a little lost and have to really buckle down by around 15k words, I shouldn't let this little feeling of "set back!" bother me so much. I bet this time tomorrow, after I've had some quiet time to reflect and really nail things down, I'll feel a million times better.

Tell you what, gentle readers: check back at around five CST tomorrow, and I bet I'll have good news on the Lily front.

Bottle time for Sammy!

PS: Anyone know a good place for free wifi and decent draft beer in downtown Minneapolis? I expect not, but I thought I'd ask.