Lily is in the can. *giggle*

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I think I finished Lily's story!

I even think maybe the ending is effective.

That leaves Noah tweaks, a super-secret (and short) Suzanne section, and Simon revisions to do before I can resubmit this puppy. No problem, January 28 deadline!

Watch this space for my return, in which I will undoubtedly declare, "Lily's story in fact sucks! I'm a wreck!"

p.s.: Big ups to the visiting mishpocha for watching Sam and Harry this afternoon. Holla back.

p.p.s.: I'm writing from the lounge in the Ed building at Metro State's Minneapolis campus, which they share with MCTC. This is where the school's gaming club meets. Which brings me to my point: I'm totally taking a month-long vacation in Azeroth when this novel is done. Beth says it's okay, so there.