Down with the sickness?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

YA MS-wise, not an entirely unproductive day. I did write up Suzanne's little finale, and I'm happy with about 80% of it. Right now, I'm taking a break from another read-through of Lily's part, which will need some tightening. I think I'll ink it up, fix it up once, and then call it ready for editorial eyes.

However, today will not the productive day I'd hoped it would be. Beth and Sam are still living with the colds they've had for a couple of days now, and so we've canceled all our plans, including the part that involved me having five hours of quiet work time today.

Last night was a fun little gathering at SAB's editorial honcho's place, along with the rest of the SAB editorial staff. It was a good time, with excellent vegetable lasagna and chocolate cake. We got home after nine. Can you imagine? This might have been our most social weekend of all time, if not for those dastardly colds the other two Brezenoffs are dealing with.

Let's hope they feel better soon.